Chris Brown Uncertain About Rap Album

Chris Brown4

While Chris Brown has shown a passing interest in showing his skills in the hip-hop realm over the years, the singer revealed in a recent interview that he doesn’t know if he’s quite ready to record an entire hip-hop album.

“For me, I think I would have to progress more as an emcee first,” he said in an interview with Power 98. “It’s just me having fun and showcasing who I am. So an album, I would really have to be taken a hundred percent serious as a rapper. I like Rap. I love it. Music is my passion. Even on my album now, there’s a couple songs that I rap on. But as far as a whole album, I don’t know if the world is ready for Chris Brown, the rapper.”

“Music is for everyone,” he added. “When you put genres on music, you segregate it… I want to always be able to do any kind of music I want. When I get older I might want to do a Country album. Next year, I might want to do an all Hip Hop album or Alternative album. Just making sure that anything that goes down, showing my audience or showing people that have a creative mind that you can do anything you want, it’s just about believing and loving what you’re doing in a positive way.”

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