Chris Brown Sued For Allegedly Attacking A Man During Basketball Game


It seems that Chris Brown just can’t get his temper under control.  According to a lawsuit filed by Malcolm Ausbon this past Thursday (February 13th), Chris Brown and his crew allegedly attacked the man during a basketball game at a Los Angles gym which he and Brown  in.

The suit alleges that Ausbon called a foul on Brown and then Brown threatened to “put these hands on you.” Brown’s crew threatened to assault the man, left and then took to assaulting him along with Brown once the game basketball started.

Ausbon acquired injuries to his face, neck, head, back, ribs and legs and was quickly rushed to the emergency room.

Brown already has two upcoming court dates ahead of him. The first on February 20th in D.C, regarding the singers alleged assault of a man outside a Washington hotel. The other court date is February 28th,  where Brown is to be present in a Los Angeles court for  his probation violation in connection to the D.C. assault. Fortunately for Brown, he was not put behind bar after the assault, which would have violated his probation conditions, because of  his progress in the rehab program. This is according to Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin.

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