Chingy: Talks About Slight Beef Between Ludacris & T.I., And How Fun It Has Been Performing With Nelly..


Let’s keep it DTP, shall we? Right before T.I. went to prison, he and Ludacris seemed Chingyto quash all the bad blood between them again. T.I. jumped onstage with Ludacris during a pre-BET Hip Hop Awards party at Atlanta’s Velvet Room. With Tip’s arrest, the story of peacemaking kind of went under the radar, so we decided to ask a person who was there to speak about it.

“It shocked people,” Chingy told us. “I was on the side chilling in VIP. T.I. walked up with a hood on. Nobody knew who he was. Then he came up there, and ‘Cris pulled his hood off. People was rocking to it. People loved it. T.I. hugged ‘Ludacris and was like, ‘It ain’t all about this stupid stuff. We gonna celebrate success.’ It was positive energy.”

Good thing the last time they saw each other was positive too. Although we’re not sure when it was recorded, Tip does take some slight subliminal jabs at Ludacris on “Do U Potna,” a freestyle over Rocko‘s “Umma Do Me.” Young Jeezy and Big Kuntry also appear on the song. Tip clarifies on the track which just popped up on DJ Scream and MLK‘s Respect the Hustle mixtape that his views didn’t reflect those of his co-stars.

“Money, you say you get, 30 mil in six years?/ Forbes put me down for 20, that was this year, Between you and me, that apology was for BET, not for DTP, I’m doing me.”

But while T.I. is lightly jabbing at Ludacris, Chingy told us that he had some beef-squelching to do a while ago. He and Nelly settled their differences and even went onstage with each other.

“We did that before,” Chingy smiled. “I attended a couple of his events. In Vegas, during NBA All-Star Weekend, we performed together. He sang Tyrese‘s part on ‘Pulling Me Back.’ We had fun. We been at a lot of events together having fun. People don’t understand that’s what it’s about. That’s what it needs to be about. It’s all about fun.”

Chingy is slated to release his next album on December 11. It’s called Hate It or Love It and coming out on Disturbing Tha Peace. Chingy says it was a no-brainer getting back with Luda and company after he found out that the lawyer who’d advised him that DTP was engaging in shady business practices and being less than truthful.

“I kinda didn’t believe it, but I was confused,” Chingy admits. “But come to find out, the lawyer was phony. He wasn’t even an entertainment lawyer. He was experimenting and he messed up some business relationships and friendships. I had to fire his ass.”

In any event, the damage was repaired and Ching has been working with his former camp once again. LT Moe produced the majority of the album. Cool & Dre also have contributed. The first single is “Fly Like Me,” which features Amerie.

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