Chingy Has Been Dating A Transsexual?


Rapper Chingy found himself back in the press recently, and not for his music. According to reports, a transsexual female by the name of Foxxjazzel claims to have had an intimate relationship with the 29-year-old.

In a recent radio interview, Foxxjazzel stated that she and Chingy got together on more than one occasion. Calling him by his first name, Howard Bailey Jr., she said that she met the rapper in 2003 through a mutual friend and that their relationship was initially a one night stand. “It started off as one night and it turned into one of those things,” she started. “”We met at a party. He didn’t know I was a tranny.” Chingy allegedly found out of her transsexual gender later on but continued to see her. The interview continued with various sexual references to the kind of sex that the two had. “He liked it anyway I gave it to him.”

HHL Quote: Well this is part of the game, more fame, more peoples try to destroy your career!

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