Chief Keef Sued Over Child Support By Middle Schooler

chief keef

Though at the moment he’s imprisoned for breaking his probation, Chief Keef is looking at even more legal troubles.

According to TMZ, a middle schooler has sued Keef for child support after giving birth to a baby girl. Filing a petition in Chicago, Illinois, the young girl does not release her age in the report but says that she currently goes to a middle school in the city, revealing that she was most likely in 8th grade when she had the baby.

Keef, who is being sued for an unidentified amount of child support that includes health insurance and other medical expenses, could be facing trouble with the State since it is considered a misdemeanor for two people under the age of 17 to have intercourse. People between 9 and 17 who partake in a sexual act commit what is called “criminal sexual abuse.”

Keef could possible face a maximum sentence of one year in jail; however, it is doubtful since those types of cases are never prosecuted. The only reason he would face a judge would be if the parents of the girl press charges.

HipHopLead will keep you informed as more information is released.

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