Chief Keef MIA At Own Video Shoot


50 Cent has seen a lot of things in his time in the industry, but he couldn’t believe what he witnessed at Chief Keef’s video shoot for his single “Hate Being Sober”. We can tell you what Fif didn’t see: Chief Keef!

The shoot took place in Nevada, so since Keef was missing, Wiz Khalifa and 50 did what they had to do, then performed together in Vegas.

So what did the teenage Chicago rapper have to say for himself? Nothing really. He’s been on Twitter since the no-show and hasn’t mentioned a thing about it, or addressed 50’s comments about him not selling records or his label possibly pulling the cord on him. He did, however, post about his new leaked song They Know, mentioned he’s having a “sale” on his verses (“only” $5,000 for two weeks only), and claim he’s only messing with chicks from Bad Girls Club from now on.

Good luck with that Keef.

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