Chamillionaire: Giving Away His Next Street CD & DVD “Mixtape Messiah III” For Free On His Website..


Come July 18, Chamillionaire says you can get it for free 99: He’s giving away his next Chamillionairestreet CD and the accompanying DVD, Mixtape Messiah III, on his Web site.

“The DVD is a little bit of everything,” he explained recently. “But the main purpose is to give fans a more in-depth look at the personality. My claim to fame is that people feel that they know me. Even if they never met me, they come up to me and act like they know me. The DVD takes it up another level and to where it puts me in people’s homes. That’s the connect artists need to make. It’s more than a song. People mess with me just because they feel what I represent, they feel my movement, my purpose. They feel a piece of them when I speak.” Look for some shots of fans with tattoos of Cham’s trademark lizard.

The actual mixtape will be similar to Mixtape Messiah III: a little of this and a little of that.

“It’s gonna be me rapping over a couple of original beats on there, but it’ll be mostly freestyles,” he said. “Just giving them what I did last time, but showing creativity. A lot of times when you making songs and concepts for albums, you can’t just be spitting punchlines like that. I’m not really one to do that, but I have a fanbase that want to hear that. So we give them that too. I sprinkled all different types of styles. It’s a reminder to let them know what it is.”

You will have to pay for Koopa’s next LP however. It’s called Ultimate Victory and hits stores on September 18.

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