Cassidy: The Hustlas Home “Live From Jail Rhymes”..


After surviving both serious jail time and a near fatal car crash, you can’t blame Cassidy for keeping a mostly low profile of late. But the Philly MC has recovered and recuperated Cassidyjust fine and, with the help of DJs Big Mike and Thoro, is putting his pen game back to the test with his first mixtape offering since his trials and tribulations.

The street heater “My Drink My 2-Step” recently leaked to radio, but according to Cassidy, any track list for the mixtape including that song aren’t quite accurate. “That’s the single for my next album, but it’s not actually on the mixtape,” he explained. “It says it because the mixtape’s producers thought they were actually gonna get a chance to get the song, so they printed it up  “He laughs”.

But that’s the single, so, you know, we got to handle that song a little differently.” Still, the demand for Cassidy has been higher than gas prices, so Mike and Thoro actually taped a capellas from him straight from his jail cell, then got the rest of the songs from him after his release. Can’t blame them, either: Next up for Cassidy before his album drops in September is a reunion with his group, Larceny. But first things first …

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