Cassidy Clears Up Murder Charges Rumors


Cassidy is back in freedom. The rapper was released from prison after being arrested last week for violating terms of his probation. Cassidy had been captured by police in Hackensack, New Jersey, last May 14 following a warrant issued by Philadelphia police.

Despite initial reports indicated that Cassidy was suspected in three separate murder cases, these appears to be with no evidence.

“God is great, I am free again and I feel great! Do not believe everything you read. I’m okay. All I know is making beats with fear. I do not kill anyone. Even short-feel of the new songs” , exclaimed Cassidy on his tweeter.

According to the police, the motive of the arrest of the rapper lies in the simple fact that the artist has not contacted the agent responsible for his probation, as it was expressly required by the court.

This measure refers to the preceding sentence to eight months for negligence, due to his role in the murder of Desmond Hawkins, made with his gun.

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