Cassidy Busted In New Jersey


The rapper was busted last weekend by police in Hackensack, New Jersey for violating the conditions of his probation, and is also a suspect in a murder and two attempted murders in Philadelphia. The artist was monitored for days before being hunted by the police.

“We have decided to act with great caution and for this we used a well-trained team. They feared that the spirits could warm up suddenly and we did not want to run the risk that the situation changed in bad”, said the agent Timothy Lloyd of Hackensack police.

Lloyd continued to state that officers from the Hackensack Police Emergency Response Team and the police department’s juvenile bureau watched Cassidy’s home Saturday.

Cassidy left his house about 1:30 p.m. and was followed by police to a local convenience store, Lloyd said. An undercover ERT officer went in the store and positively identified him.

Cassidy, who is waiting to be extradited from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, was previously [in 2006] released from prison after serving eight months in a Philadelphia prison for manslaughter. The rapper was sentenced for supplying the weapon that killed Desmond Hawkins, a 22-year-old Philadelphia man.

It’s sad!

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