Busta Rhymes: Titles New LP Album “Blessed”, On The Way Out Soon..

Busta Rhymes: Titles New LP Album “Blessed”, On The Way Out Soon..

Busta RhymesBusta Rhymes will return to his B.S. mode down the line. Although his upcoming album will be called Blessed, he hasn’t abandoned the title Back on My Bullsh**; that will be the next album. He recently shot videos for the songs “We Made It,” which features Linkin Park, and the MTV Mixtape Monday favorite “Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water on ‘Em).”

The track was produced by LV and Sean C., a.k.a. production duo Grind Music. After a session to hear beats one night, Sean C. actually played Busta an unfinished track. Even in its embryonic stage, the instrumental was so crazy that Rhymes was extremely inspired.

“I was saying, ‘This sh** is so hot that if you touch it, you might burn yourself,’ ” Bust recalled with his stadium-wide grin. “So it was just saying that to myself. I thought that was a dope hook. Then the first single on my last album was ‘Touch It.’ So I thought it would be funny and ironic if people heard me come out with a record called ‘Don’t Touch Me.’ ‘Throw Da Water on ‘Em’ is just to cool them off, ’cause we so sizzling. When they burn themselves, they gonna need some water thrown on them. It’s just Busta Rhymes giving people what they been definitely asking me to give them.”

Source: MTV

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