Big Boi Signs Solo Album Deal With Def Jam


WEB BUZZ with HHL’s PJ Premier : Big Boi inks a new SOLO deal and announces on his Twitter for his fans.

BY: PJ “Premier” Jackson

On the eve of Saturday March 20 2010- a few hours prior, Mr. Sir Lucious Left Foot…the son of Chico Dusty! AKA Big Boi of Legendary group Outtkast announced his BIG solo deal with new label .

YES….. it has finally happen for Big Boi to regain a new freshness with the Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik Fans. One could clearly note that Big Boi will be in a successful place on an established label like Def Jam but some are waiting to see just how he will do it . Joining forces with fellow heavyweights in the industry; the album Sir Lucious Left Foot…the son of Chico Dusty will be one to remember.

You indeed read it correctly, Big Boi is leaving long standing commitment of Jive Records to embark on a new journey with Def Jam. Big Boi officially launched this on his twitter page stating:

It’s Official Big Boi signs solo album Deal with Def Jam!!!!! More details to come…

You have to ask yourself the question, what is the sound going to be like with Def Jam? Will Big Boi lose that Southern,Gritty, “Out-the-box” way of delivering the message he has brought to his loyal fans? Only time will tell what the deal will encompass and what…

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