Beenie Man: Arrested For Not Showing Up In Court To Present His Plan For Paying Back Taxes..

Beenie Man

Beenie ManAn arrest warrant has been issued by a Jamaican judge for dancehall singer Beenie Man after the 34-year-old Grammy winner failed to show up in court to present his plan for paying back taxes.

Reuters reports that Beenie Man (born Anthony Moses Davis) appeared in court three weeks ago on tax-evasion charges and was told he owned the Jamaican revenue department $415,000, plus $246,000 in penalties, after not paying taxes for more than a decade.

The singer said he was unaware he owed the money and blamed it on the company that formerly handled his business affairs. In the wake of the devastating fires that have driven nearly 1 million Southern California residents from their homes, San Diego rock station FM 94.9 has been carrying a 24-hour news feed from public radio station KPBS in place of its music programming.

The station handed over its airwaves on Tuesday morning after KPBS’ transmitter was lost in the fire on Mount San Miguel.

Source: MTV

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