Beanie Sigel: Explains How And Why His Single “All The Above” Featured R. Kelly And Not T-Pain Or Akon..

Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel always had the streets on lock with his reality rap, but the Broad Street Beanie SigelBully needed a bit of help getting his club burner “All the Above” together. First, DJ Khaled put Sig on the Runners-produced track. Then, Beans started debating whether to put T-Pain or Akon on the song.

“When DJ Khaled sent it to me, it already had somebody who referenced the hook and stuff on it,” Sigel said. “So I knocked out the verse, and we was looking to change the person up. So everybody in the studio when I record, I get everybody’s input we came up with T-Pain to do the hook or Akon. So we were just figuring out, out of them two, who we were going to use.”

Because T-Pain had done records with so many people recently, Beans settled on Akon. But the ‘Kon was on tour overseas, and with a deadline looming, Beanie had to move on. He had his back to the wall when he took the record to New York to meet with his A&R rep, Lenny Santiago.

“I told Lenny, ‘I got somebody in mind who could probably body this joint,’ ” Beans said. “He was like, ‘I was thinking of someone too, man, but I don’t know.’ So I was like, ‘Who are you thinking about?’ And he started smiling. So I told him to write whoever he was thinking about on a paper, I’mma write who I was thinking out, then we gonna turn them over. So when we did it, I wrote ‘Kells’ on my paper, and he wrote the ‘R.’ And when we looked at it, it said ‘R. Kelly‘ when you put them together. Editor’s note: Well, it really read ‘R. Kells,’ but let the man tell his story! We just started laughing, so he was like, ‘You sure?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, get him on the phone.’ Made the phone call, got him the record, and it was done in three days.”

It took those three days to get the collaboration in place, but Kells actually held onto the record longer than Sigs expected. To his surprise, the R. liked the song so much, he decided to lay a verse down in addition to providing the hook.

According to Beans, there was no friction between him and Jay-Z for opting to go with Kells. In fact, he said it was business as usual. “It was business, and you got to separate business from the personal things,” Beans said. “And Jay-Z at this point in his career, he’s a businessman, so he understood the vision once I explained it to him, and he was all for it. No problem at all.”

Next up for Beans is getting his business together. The State Property head is mulling over his next wave of artists. So far, he has a four-man collective out of Philly, and he’s planning to put out a street album after The Solution drops December 11.

“It ain’t gonna be the new State Property; it’ll be whatever that new movement is gonna be,” he said. “Right now I got four people that I think are gonna be relevant to the game  that’s Chee Forche, Kyle Green, Mur Mill and Bogart. That’s my new team, so far. I’m looking for three more artists. After this album, I’m gonna do an album called The Halfway House, and these are gonna be the new artists off the Halfway House. I got a couple records so far I been recording. Look out for that, and I’m taking all bets. I don’t co-sign no garbage. I don’t do that.”

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