Baltimore Police Cancels Screening Of Kanye West’s “New Slaves”

Kanye West – White Dress (Alternate Version)

Kanye West’s multi-city broadcasts of his song “New Slaves” on buildings across the United States hit another drawback.

Two days after the Houston Police Department stopped a multiple screening of the video, The Baltimore Sun reports that the city of Baltimore canceled the event.

Baltimore Police Department page announced the cancellation via Twitter. “NOTICE – The Kanye West album release events in Baltimore have been cancelled tonight.”

Reports specify that the cancellation was on the city’s part because the organizers did not have proper permits, citing the use of electricity and the anticipated crowds.

Still, a projection may have still taken place elsewhere in the city, per Def Jam’s Twitter account which stated, “Leave the Baltimore Emerson Tower and lets head to 2925 Hudson Street – 11pm!”

Baltimore and Houston were both set to partake in a second wave of screenings after Kanye debuted the track on 66 buildings around the US.

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