ATL Rappers & Producers Not Paying Recording Studio Bills


Some Altanta rappers and producers are being accused of not paying their studio bills. CBS Atlanta, has conducted an investigation after being contacted by several studios of the city and got bills and court judgments against rappers like Young Jeezy, Polow Da Don, Jazze Pha and many more.

These reports were then made public to let people know that these characters have a habit of not paying the hours of study used.

Only Polow Da Don should pay the engineer sound Tony Terrebinne over 20,000 dollars, while Jeezy the same to the 11th Street Studios. The worst is Jazze Pha, which has a total of 135,000 dollars to four different studios in Atlanta.

So, once this information circulated, some success has been achieved. Jeezy has immediately paid off his score to settle, and Polow Da Don chose to contact his lawyer who made a statement. “Polow always manages all his business with respect to the work of others, but this is a dispute that should remain private and therefore does not deserve any comment”, we saw in it.

Stay tuned as this develops, to know whats behind why these ATL Music Stars are not paying.

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