Alicia Keys Pregnant With Swizz Beatz???

alicia-keys swizz-beatz

HHW Magazine reports sources have come forward alleging that R&B singer Alicia Keys is pregnant by her boyfriend, hip hop producer Swizz Beatz. The pair, who have been an item since 2008 when Swizz and his estranged wife, singer Mashonda, announced that they were splitting up, and are also rumored to be engaged.

While HHW cannot confirm the pregnancy at this time, the source is someone close to the couple. Recently, they were photo’d together at New York City’s popular Hudson Terrace, where they celebrated Alicia’s mom Terry’s 60th Birthday, surprising her with a brand new Cadillac. The party continued on from there, with Swizz leading the venue in a “Happy Birthday” serenade as DJ Cassidy worked the wheels of steel. Stay tuned for details to unfold in the coming weeks.

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