Akon: Collaborates With Legends And Even Has More To Do With 50 Cent..


Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna and Whitney Houston: With all those legends lined up to either finish collaborations or get in the studio for the first time with Akon, you would think his dance card would be filled and he might not have time Akonfor anybody else. Not if you’re 50 Cent. 50 has the Akon collaboration on his LP Curtis, and the in-demand singer says he and Fif are going to do even more songs together.

“It’s one of them records where it’s almost like you get so successful, people assume you lost your street feel. You lost your edge,” ‘AKon, on the Miami set of Wyclef‘s “Sweetest Girl” video, said about “I’ll Still Kill.” “I’m at my highest point on the pop side, but I started with street records and still can go there. It’s not a problem. 50 Cent is the same way. It’s just 50 is thinking more business now. He’s thinking radio, crossover, but at any moment, he can switch up and go there. Don’t get it twisted, we still will kill. SSKSoundScan Killers” all day.

“We’d talk for hours on the telephone,” he added about making the record. “At the time, I was in Europe moving crazy, he was doing his thing, getting his album together. But we’d still be on the phone like, ‘Listen to this. What you think?’ Shortly after the song was completed, we met face to face, gave each other a pound, gave each other a hug, like, ‘N—a, we got a hit.’ Now we’re gonna do more records for both our upcoming albums. We’ll swap out. Whoever’s album it feel right on, that’s where we gonna put it.”

Are we ready for Akon the movie mogul as well? He’s putting together a film called “Cocaine Cowboys” that will center on the importation of narcotics into L.A. and Miami decades ago. It’s looking like his next album will be the soundtrack to the project.

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