Ace Hood’s Rolex Watch Falls Apart At BET Awards

ace hood

This past Sunday was the 2013 BET Awards. Many celebrities were present but what happened to rapper Ace Hood was pretty unfortunate.

While being interviewed by  Bow Wow on the red carpet, the rappers $60,000 rolex watch falls apart.

“When you spend so much money on a watch, certain things are not supposed to happen,” Ace Hood says during an interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106. “My jeweler, I definitely had to fire the jeweler. He going through it, man.”

Ace Hood continued to talk about the incident during the interview.

“I spent $60,000 on that watch, man,” Ace Hood says. “I was just as shocked as everybody else was when it did happen. It never happened to any of my other watches or anything. I looked up. I ain’t even know what it was. I figured it was my bracelet. It wasn’t no thing, though.”

However, he went on to brush everything off as just another part of life.

“It’s no biggie to me,” says Ace Hood. “It ain’t even that serious…Things happen, man. We all got stories…This’ll be a story that we’ll always remember forever.”

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