Ace Hood “Trials & Tribulations” Release Date & Album Cover

Ace Hood – Trials & Tribulations

Ace Hood has hit the ground running, reemerging back onto the Hip Hop scene with club bangers and radio hits over the past several months.

The Miami rapper recently sat down with Power 99 Philly’s Mina SayWhat to discuss his upcoming album titled, “Trails & Tribulations”. Ace explained the meaning of the title and why he’s so passionate with his music.

“I felt like for me to actually get people to support this Trials & Tribulations album, that’s dropping July 16, like I needed them to understand what I’ve been through and really kind of visualize and see my trials and tribulations and understand where the passion come from, understand where the hunger come from,” Ace Hood said.

He then went on to talk about his crew including updates about DJ Khaled and his newest signee, Vado.

Ace Hood - Trials & Tribulations

“Khaled’s amazing man, Khaled’s good man, he’s working on his new album Suffering From Success so he’s been real focused. I’m proud of Khaled man he’s been doing it for so long. He’s still creating and music is still fun for him and he loves it,” he said. “They working like crazy, actually Vado has new singles so it’s crazy.”

The album cover can be seen below.

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