Ace Hood Pissd Over George Zimmerman’s Grin

Ace Hood 1

Ace Hood recently spoke  about the shocking  not guilty verdict of former neighborhood watch worker George Zimmerman last weekend.  Many shared the same shock around the country. Ace goes on to say  how upset he is about the life taken from Trayvon Martin,a teenage Florida resident 

Hood said he was overwhelmed after the verdict was read declaring Zimmerman a free man.

“I feel hurt, man, in a sense,” Ace said in an interview. “I never knew Trayvon but watching the whole trial, I felt like he was a part of my family. My biggest thing is we just don’t understand how a guy is able to get off scot-free for killing a young, innocent Black brother. … I literally was almost in tears when the judge said, ‘You don’t have any further business here with the courts.’ And for him to smile in court, I couldn’t understand it because you got a family that’s mourning. Their son won’t be able to wake up in the morning and see his mother and shake hands with his homies or be able to visit that college he wanted to go to. His life is over while you’re smiling over a verdict. I felt like there was no justice and people in Florida are definitely taking it hard.” (Hot 97)

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