50 Cent “Working Hard” On His New Album


50 Cent is recently working hard to make his next album a great success.

“I’m working hard, I’m recording a lot of material and continue to do so because I want to exceed the level reached by “Get Rich or Die Trying”. You’ll have to wait because this album will not come out until I am certain that it has reached my goal. I know that lately I have not written much, but I assure you that I’m working like crazy to give you fans the best record possible”, explained the rapper via twitter.

His fifth album, set for release in summer 2011, would be at the final stages. Previously, 50 Cent seemed willing to publish “Black Magic”, a disco dance, then left to find inspiration in the album that has attracted attention worldwide in 2003, the successful “Get Rich or Die Trying”.

He is experiencing a period full of commitments. In addition to music, 50 is also busy on the set for some new movie projects, including “Odd Thomas” by William DeFoe and “Freelancers” with Robert De Niro.

Probably we should say: “Don’t work too much 50!”… but we all want to hear this new album…LOL…

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