50 Cent Wants To Own Race Team

50 Cent1

5o Cent attended a press conference during the Daytona 5oo weekendand spoke about his partnership with Swan Racing, which is owned by Brandon Davis, the CEO of independent oil and gas company Swan Energy.  During the press conference 50 cent expressed how he would like to be an owner of a team.

“I want to belong here,” 50 Cent said during an interview with The Associated Press (AP) during Daytona 500 weekend. “I like it…I want to have ownership in a team. Someone should look forward to me investing in a team. I just like it. The energy of the actual racing is cool.”

5O Cent explains how he can now take charge when it comes to his business deals.

“I can make deals now that I couldn’t make under that structure,” he said during his AP interview. “On the brand extension, it’s obvious I’ve been the leader in that actual area. When I fell in love with hip-hop culture, it was actually the opposite, it would be selling out. To be an artist and be associated with a major corporation was a crossover. I had enough of a bad-boy image at that point to do what I wanted to do and knew it was bigger business-wise.”

As part of his new independent deal, 50 Cent is expected to release Animal Ambition, an album that he says will feature “Smoke,” a selection produced by Dr. Dre.

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