50 Cent Talks His Feelings Towards His Son & Haters


50 Cent recently posted something on his twitter page, and it really touching.

I mean, its really crazy, when you’ve been doing nothing but working hard and all of a certain some peoples from no where will also be working hard on your down fall.

Thats more like my personal thought (We feel you Fif)… He also talks about how much he loves his son.

50 Tweet (16 Sept. 2010):

“I just woke up thank god for today.I’m truly blessed. I’m getting ready to jump in the shower,”

Whiles he’s currently working on his new album and probably away from his son, He tweets:

This is my baby when he only had 4 teeth. I love him so much, I be missing him

“I just saw that picture of my son and now I’m crying for no reason I think I’m really losing my mind”

“I don’t think people understand me. I work so hard to get were I’m at. Thats why I get so mad when people are up set with my success”

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