50 Cent Says Eminem Is The Best Rapper Alive, AboveJay-Z


50 Cent didn’t hold back in a recent interview where he expressed his thoughts on two of the greatest emcees in modern history. His opinion addressed his mentor Eminem and Jay-Z. Fif stated that Em was the best rapper alive and no one compared, not even Jay-Z.

“You can get like whoever you think is the best Black artist and stand them face-to-face in a room with Em and he will eat that n***a alive. Right now if you had them prepare themselves, whatever way they would have to prepare themselves to come battle, I bet what I have, everything I have, that n***a’s meatloaf… Any other competition we would put theses artists in, he’s obviously surpassed them.

There are points were they will match Em and Jay. That was Live Nation because [Jay Z] sold his touring career to Live Nation. They’ve got to keep him hot enough to go get their money back. So they match him up with Em, put them together cause he got momentum connected to his relationship with Beyonce and his record with Alicia [Keys].

It makes sense, the Detroit/New York show. But it only makes sense to me because of business. It makes sense, because Em sold like 60 million records more than him. How you put them there like they’re equals? It’s tough for me to say some of this s**t and not sound like a hater. But I don’t care.”

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