50 Cent Not Feeling Yeezus, “Doesn’t Feel Like Hip Hop”


50 Cent recently offered his two cents about fellow artist Kanye West Yeezus album during an interview with MTV UK. 50 revealed that currently, he still listens to some of Kanye’s old tracks but is not a fan of Ye’s latest, Yeezus.

50 Cent also said he believes that Kanye has an alternate agenda with his music.  He feels West is trying to make “a whole new sound” with his current music.

“He’s obviously a talent within our culture and is one of the driving forces of it, but some of that shit is weird to me,” he said. ‘That last record, to be honest, I’m not playing it right now. I still play ‘Flashing Lights,’ ‘Gold Digger’ and that whole (College Dropout) project. But some of the new stuff is so creative and feels like he’s trying to create a whole new sound.”

50 went on in the interview where he referenced the popular Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genre to Yeezus  and said is does not sound like Hip Hop.

“It sounds scrambled… radio is going to play dance music, EDM – you got a lot of stuff happening in music culture that’s influencing a lot of R&B music to that tempo,” 50 Cent said. “It doesn’t feel like Hip-Hop to me, it feels like a fusion of something else, like a weird combination of dance music sounds and stuff. It’s just him being an artist, you don’t have to agree with everything an artist does. Like, I don’t have a favourite artist, I have a favourite moment from artists. Like with Drake, there’s songs he came out with and the timing was perfect for the record.”

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