50 Cent: New Mixtape “Sabrina’s Baby Boy” Got Lost Due To Latest LP “Curtis”..

50 Cent

50 CentSabrina’s Baby Boy (the title pays homage to 50 Cent‘s mother) was supposed to drop months ago, but it got lost while 50 Cent was pushing his latest LP, Curtis.

“The balancing of the album dropping and the remix to ‘I Get Money,’ ” Kid explained of the delay. “He wanted the remix on there. Then he’s doing his movies.

We usually knock out a mixtape in two or three days and put the mixtape out about a month or month and a half before the album comes out.

We started working on this mixtape during the album promo, and it was so ridiculous. It finally got done. I had to force him a little, fly here and there. We finished it in Atlanta. He’s got a nice little secret spot out there with a special someone. You know.”

One of the first records leaked from the mixtape is called “Class Is in Session,” on which Young Buck disses Lil Wayne, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled. Buck is still upset that Khaled will not play any G-Unit records on his radio show. And when it comes to Wayne, Buck is heated that Weezy did a song with Ja Rule.

“N*gga, I know you,” Buck fumed last week while promoting his forthcoming Cashville Records compilation Product of the South. “You have the nerve to call me and speak upon how you having problems and Baby is taking your money. And how right Mannie Fresh is about leaving. And if he responds in any type of way, I’mma end his career ’cause I got it on tape. I’mma let the world hear him complaining. But then you gonna run and stand beside Ja Rule talking about some ‘Uh Oh.’ That’s the heart of my problem with him. You know that’s some real beef, and you gonna run and stand with Ja. You’re asking for it.”

“There’s more of that on there,” DJ Whoo Kid said of dis records on the new mixtape. “50 is still killing Cam’ron on there. Still killing all these other cats. There’s one song where he talks about his family. There’s a record called ‘Coke Life’ talking about people out there B.S.-ing. That song’s with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.

This mixtape is the usual. They’re killing all their enemies on there on mostly all the records. It proves we are still the creators of this mixtape format and phenomenon. With a Whoo Kid touch, you can’t go wrong.

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