50 Cent & Jay-Z’s New Albums Challenge Squashed


The rappers won’t go head-to-head when The Blueprint 3 and Before I Self Destruct debut in September. Jay has settled on September 11, while 50 Cent told MTV News last week that his album is coming on the last Tuesday of the month.

50 said that if by any chance he and Jay did drop on the same day, he would welcome the challenge.

“I wouldn’t mind that, either,” Fif said via phone. “But it’s just, the scheduling is different. Maybe he’ll move back. … Yeah, it’d be good.”

50 came out on September 11 a couple of years ago, releasing Curtis at the same time Kanye West’s Graduation hit stores. Graduation sold more the first week, but Curtis sold well too.

“People, you know, they love conflict,” Fif said. “They love competition like that. And this is why it built so much energy for me and Kanye West when we came out on the same day, and in reality, we created the largest-selling week for hip-hop music. And at the end of the day, who loses?

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