50 Cent Displays Boxing Passion At LA Film Festival

50 cent

50 Cent is known to be very much into the boxing culture and recently put his love for the sport on full display last night (June 19) at the Los Angeles Film Festival for the premiere of his new Tapia documentary.

50 was the documentary producer on the film. It focuses on the life of late boxer Johnny Tapia and features interviews with former boxer Mike Tyson and Tapia’s family.

The rapper later went on to discuss what inspired him to join the project.

“I was drawn to the intensity of this project,” he said. “His story resonated with me because like Tapia, I too lost my mother to violence and grew up with limited means. It’s a heartfelt story and it was important for me to get involved with bringing this to a broader audience.”

Jackson told Variety he will be looking to find distribution for “Tapia” during the film festival. He admitted that he was surprised to find himself in the documentary business. “This wasn’t exactly on my list of things to do but I’m always looking for new areas,” he said.

The trailer for Tapia can be seen below:

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