50 Cent Discusses “Street King Immortal” Delay

50 Cent1

50 Cent fans may not get to hear an album for some time. It is unknown when the rapper’s Street King Immortal album will hit the public.

Recently with MTV Rap Fix,  50 explained his delays . Apparently, recent changes at Interscope Records are part of the delays but 50 is in no rush because money the record will make is not his focus.

“I don’t really need the money off of the record. I want the record to be right,” he stated.

“[Interscope Records has had] a lot of staff changes, a lot of different people moving in and moving out,” 50 added. “I’ve been on a team where I take the ball out and throw myself the alley-oop, and I take the ball out and shoot the three-pointer myself, and I take the ball out and I dunk the ball.”

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