50 Cent Continues Dissing Diddy’s Music & For Living In Miami

50 Cent1

50 Cent is  continuing  his public verbal disapproval of Diddy’s music. This time Fiddy vocalized  his opinions while speaking with DJ Self about Diddy’s lack of hits.

50 says that Diddy luck out on French Montana’s “Pop That” but says that Diddy’s current single “Big Homie” isn’t cutting it.

“That is definitely not popping,” said 50 about the track. “He said he’s Big Meech? Like he’s Rich Porter. Puffy’s a college student, party promoter. That ain’t no gangster.”

Later, when asked about keeping the unity of New York together , 50 responded that Diddy  now lives in Miami.

“Ain’t they in Miami now? Ain’t he in Miami now?” he sarcastically asked. “He ain’t even in New York no more. They on ‘Star Island’ sniffing everything.”

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