50 Cent Claims Floyd Mayweather Owes Him $2 Million

50 Cent Claims Floyd Mayweather Owes Him $2 Million

We’re all use to hearing 50 beefing with one person or another but it came as a surprise to hear of his most recent issue with former friend and TNT Promotions partner Floyd Mayweather.

In a recent interview with Power 106 FM, the rapper reveals the origin of the conflict and says the feud began over $2 million that Floyd owes him for starting their TNT Promotions company before Floyd went to prison.

50 explains that when Mayweather was released, he put the debt on hold or completely ignored it and instead spent his money on jewelry and cars. In time, tension built up and Mayweather went off on 50 on Twitter at the request of his crew.

“[Mayweather] changed his mind…as he was actually going in to jail, he asked me to help him with Mayweather Promotions,” Fif recalled. “As he actually got in and I took a look, I realized there is no Mayweather Promotions: there’s no LLC, there’s no seals, there’s no ‘incorporated’…technically, Floyd is a Golden Boy fighter [for Oscar De La Hoya’s promotion firm]. He fights on every Golden Boy card, they do all the footwork…so when he says, ‘Help me with Mayweather Promotions,’ and it’s not there, I go, ‘Okay, I know what he means: he wants me to put it together for him.’ So I do TMT Promotions, I get it all the way together…he comes home, and there’s the, ‘Let’s get Floyd back in pocket’ campaign that goes on, where there’s $300,000 chains being bought and buying him the new Lambourghini…and I’m sitting there going, ‘When are you going to give me the money?’…It’s about [$2 million owed] at that point. When he finally does bring up the actual situation, he acted like he didn’t know anything. Like, ‘I didn’t tell y’all to do that.'”

He added:

“That’s not Floyd [on Twitter or Instagram dissing me]; Floyd don’t Tweet…he’s got somebody next to him. See, everybody around him is co-dependent, so they gonna roll with what he says regardless…they’ll tell him what to say. As soon as he gets confused, he’s gonna go, ‘Okay, okay, um, just call out [50 Cent].'”

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