50 Cent: “Amusement Park” Had The Same Beat Of “Your Majesty” By Jim Jones..

50 Cent

For once, 50 Cent is saying there shouldn’t be any controversy. Avid listeners of mixtapes raised a red flag when 50 Cent released his single “Amusement Park” a few weeks ago. Their Spidey senses went off because it had the same track from a Jim Jones 50 Centsong called “Your Majesty,” a featured record on a DJ Drama & Jim Jones Gangsta Grillz mixtape last year.

When 50 Cent sat down recently to discuss the hubbub, he said he had not heard Jones’ record and doubted that most other people had either.

“Well, actually, the producer for the record is under my production [company],” he explained. “So, I don’t know how they actually got the record. But it happens. … People take the records without actually purchasing the music from the producer and it leaks out. But ‘Your Majesty,’ I didn’t know it was on there until you said it just now. But, um, it didn’t get very much airplay, so I guess my version is better.”

Last week, the track’s producer, Chris Styles whose Dangerous LLC production company is under the G-Unit umbrella confirmed that Jones and company never owned the beat.

“The beat was done for 50,” Styles said via a statement. “I never sold the track to anyone. This only reveals just how much heat Dangerous LLC is bringing to the industry. We create the type of tracks that artists with completely different styles can vibe to. I appreciate 50 Cent, he’s the big homey and he’s like a mentor and a big brother to me. He was the first one to give my joints an ear and bring it to the people. We make a great team. This is my sixth release with 50 Cent and G-Unit Records, not including mixtape and video game tracks. We have a history of creating hits together. I look forward to people hearing the hot joints we have coming for the next album.” …

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