50 Cent: Advices Nas, Saying He Should Stop Reading And Give What The Audience Want..

50 Cent

50 Cent has a few words of advice for Nas in the new issue of XXL Magazine: put down the book. When asked, “What percentage of MCs in hip-hop do you think are 50 Centactually intelligent?” 50 Cent replied: “You have different kinds of people. You have people that are extremely book-smart that lack common sense, so they don’t know what’s going to affect their audience. For instance, Nas is a really smart guy.

He reads books constantly. We were around him on the Nastradamus tour. He was almost weirder than me ’cause we would go to breakfast and he’d be there reading a book. Conceptually, I think that’s what made him drift away from what his initial audience enjoys from him and why he’s not hot right now.” In the interview, 50 also insisted Jim Jones should be running Dipset he’s “a more credible artist than Cam’ron is,” 50 Cent revealed that he’s been trying to hook up with M.O.P. and admitted that he doesn’t eat cookies because he’s looking after his weight.

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