The Game Ft. Yelawolf – Rough

Sat 12th Mar 2011
the game-rapper

Brand new Game “Rough” Ft. Yelawolf… no idea if this is on “The RED Album” (will find out soon), but what i can say is, this a dope track.. really impressed.. Good lookin Game..

Listen to The Game Ft. Yelawolf – Rough

The Game Ft. Yelawolf – Rough

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  1. Samirr_rd07 says:

    This is from the from the free hoodmorning mixtape. I respect game cuz he is one of the realest in the rapgame, and when he opens his soul the outcome will always be a classic!

  2. Georgea_69 says:

    this is on games top 5! this shit goes hard real shit he spit’n… everytime i listen to it… it gets me in a chill cruis’n mode like shit stops for 5 min!…. and realize whats going on ya feel!
    reall shit…. if u think this is hot listen to “never be friends” thats one of his illest shit his ever wrote! and “start from scratch” listen tto’em