Saigon-Under Achiever

Sat 17th Jan 2009


You know its been comin, we’ve been waitin for this one to drop and here it is.  Sai Giddy barks back and he brought Prodigy with him.

“i’ll lay your ass out right on JoeBuddenTV..”

Saigon-Under Achiever

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  1. Crispy says:

    Yo Buddens got way more to lose than Sai right now. Buddens got a career & Sai don’t, but he still took the chance to go after Sai. He gave him the chance of a lifetime to get his name back on the map and Sai blew it wit that weak ass track.

    Spittin 4 whole bars about Buddens bad breath n shit. Goin after his kid. He had a few good lines in the middle but Buddens toasted his ass.