Nicki Minaj – Roman In Moscow

Fri 2nd Dec 2011

Brand new music from Nicki Minaj “Roman In Moscow”… Produced by Street Runner and Sarom Soundz. Download on iTunes.. off of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”, in stores February 14th.

Listen to Nicki Minaj – Roman In Moscow

Nicki Minaj – Roman In Moscow

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  1. Janyalang says:

    This Btchh Nickii Manji Go Df Shake Off Her Mf Nutts Some Strate Haters Clownn ass People Iff Youu Got A Mf Promblem Add Mee On Facebook At Lala BadAss … IDouble DoG Dare Yaa ..

    • FhkDahHaters says:

      BOY, Shut Dammnnn Why Yuh Gottta Tooo Be A HATER All Yuh  Life Damn…… Damn Hatinin On What She Doin For A Livin Wtf Is Yuh Doin Nunin. ! ! ! ! !

      • Guesswho says:

        You don’t even know the meaning of hating. Actually he is telling the truth. There is a big difference. But I guess you have to be born before 1980 to know the difference.

      • Guesswho says:

        Wow, lmao. You can’t be all there if you are defending this retarded girl. She got to be slow or on some serious drugs to produce some wack ass shit like this. We went from making quality music to bullshit. I guess that’s what happens when corporations invest. It’s just like anything else that the US has put their hands on. You have real mexican food then you have Taco bell. Yuck!!! You have real Italian pizza, then you have domninos. You have lil Kim, then guess. LMFO. This is too funny.