Nicki Minaj Ft. Lil Wayne – Roman Reloaded

Fri 24th Feb 2012

New music from Nicki Minaj “Roman Reloaded” Ft. Lil Wayne.. Produced by Rico Beats, off of Nicki Minaj’s upcoming album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”, in stores April 3rd…

Listen to Nicki Minaj Ft. Lil Wayne – Roman Reloaded

Nicki Minaj Ft. Lil Wayne – Roman Reloaded

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  1. Ariealrossy says:

    fuck lil kiim she will neva bb nicki lil kiim is olld she had ha tiim Lil Kim yo tiime is ova…thanxx byye you stupiid lil kiim not nicki

  2. Guesswho says:

    I never really understood who she’s battling since she is the only female rapper who gets major exposure. LMAO!!! They should get her some real competition. It’s easy to battle female’s who are not present. maybe she’s battIing roman. I mean she is ok, but dam I’ve heard lot’s of female who are beast on the mic. She’s really not a battle rapper. If she keeps starting shit, someone will shut her down soon. Trying to battle when you are not a battle rapper can put a serious end to your career. Any real hip hop fan knows that. But I guess real hip hoppers aren’t running the game anymore so we are stuck with this bullshit. Let’s get back to the real. Man, Dam!!!!!!! Her metophers suck and only makes since to uneducated fools.