Lola Monroe – Did It On Em (Freestyle)

Tue 5th Apr 2011
lola monroe2

Something new from Lola Monroe, goes over Nicki Minaj’s “Did It On Em”…

Listen to Lola Monroe – Did It On Em (Freestyle)

Lola Monroe – Did It On Em (Freestyle)

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  1. Triggachick2011 says:

    my bitch Lola tops Nicki as a artist poet musician and model sorry Nicki minaj Lola took off and was with boosie before he got locked up just like your wayne apprentice shes boosie 1st lady under trill fam although nicki can blow lola had it first and becuz boosie went to jail she never finished it and nicki you heard her and stole her flow bum bitch that said lola kills this hoe in every thing hah hah

  2. MRS_ says:

    Ummm y’all do know that when people rap over instrumentals it isn’t always a diss… Shit, it’s a nice beat… If she wants to freestyle on it, she can! wtf lmao¬†

  3. Tamaradill61 says:

    all des bitches wanna be like nicki minaji damn gues she yall role model dis some dumn ass shit though keep hatein of her though she’ll beat all yal in a freestyle