Deuces Wild: Papoose-Law Library Pt. 6 & The Gods Are Back

Sun 25th Jan 2009

You know its a good day when you can get two Papoose joints.  Pap samples some Keisha Cole on “Law Library Pt. 6″ and  “The Gods Are Back” features the Drama King.

Papoose-Law Library Pt. 6

Papoose-The Gods Are Back

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  1. FAST says:

    It’s getting ugly. Former Streetsweepers artist Big Lou dropped a bomb when he went after Kay Slay’s protégé Papoose. The record was personal and apparently has struck a major nerve with Kay Slay. The mixtape that broke the track has DJ Drama hosting it. Even though the mixtape has nothing to do with Drama’s Gangsta Grillz series, Kay Slay has been busy trying to get Drama to disassociate himself with the project. Kay Slay has also spent the majority of the day calling all major hip hop websites threatening to not “Fuck with them” if they post the track! Vlad tv has already caved in as well as AllhipHop and HipHopdx. I guess Kay Slay still has quite a bit of power, but the underground and smaller websites have been spreading the track like a pandemic flu! This is going to get ugly real soon. Stay tuned!!!!