Big Sean – I Keep It G (Snippet)

Sun 9th Oct 2011
big sean

Snippet of some new Big Sean “I Keep It G”….

Listen to Big Sean – I Keep It G (Snippet)

Big Sean – I Keep It G (Snippet)

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  1. Izwaz says:

     man i just found out 50 cent is a snitch, and build his career as a snitch

    when he first started he snitched on Murder Inc. and started a beef with
    them so that they get caught up with the cases against the FEDs and
    can’t make songs to compete with 50 cent, mean while 50 cent claims he
    beat Ja Rule, how cowardly is that, man no more 50 snitch for me,

    i miss my niqqa Ja Rule yo, especially after hearing the snippet to his
    new Album ‘PIL 2″, daaaaammn, it’s th BOMB yo, straight Grammy Awards
    with it

    best come back in music history

    Bring Ja Rule back, so we can feel that summer time in hip hop again “PIL 2″ late 2011