Solei A.K.A “So Sexy Solei” – The Unbelievably Real Hip Hop Honey
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Solei, Born May 27, 1985 In Los Angeles County and family moved to Moreno Valley, CA. Growing up in a small community and also going to private school caused me to struggle with my self-esteem. So when people would approach me about modeling I never really took it seriously.

After working at Universal Studios for a few years and my friend Arron bothering me about modeling it had the wheels spinning in my head.

When I moved to Florida, I was aproached about doing photo’s. When I met Patrick Adams From two Star Studios things began to change. After my first shoot with him people began taking more interest in me. Since then all the right pieces have been falling into place, and now everything is moving so fast I can’t wait to see where it all takes me.

Chingy Ft. Tyrese – Pullin Me Back
E40 Ft. Tpain – U and Dat
Chris Brown Ft. T-pain – Kiss Kiss