Ophilia Bledsoe – Hip Hop Video Model

Ophilia Bledsoe – Hip Hop Video Model
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Latoya Ophilia Bledsoe, Originally from the Midwest (Indianapolis, Indiana), LaToya “Ophilia” Bledsoe is a unique beauty of African American / Puerto Rican descent.

Her true passion is fashion and she is currently in school studying fashion design. Naturally, her interest in fashion goes hand in hand with modeling. Ophilia is no amateur in front of the camera and is always able to captivate her audience. She was destined to be a public idol from the very beginning.

In 2000, Ophilia began to publicize herself through modeling. Ophilia is working very hard to fulfill her ambitions and reach her dreams. She still faces many obstacles and, with true ambition, she still manages to overcome them.
50 Cent – I Get Money
50 Cent – OK Your Right


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