Kemi Shade – Aspiring Nigerian American Model

Kemi Shade – Aspiring Nigerian American Model
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HipHopLEAD: Give us a brief self introduction

Kemi Shade: For most people when they meet me they always assume my name is pronounced the way it’s spelled. To set the record straight it’s pronounced (Kam-mie Shaw-Day). My names origin is Nigerian and means “Gods Gift.” Unlike all these other females claiming to be mixed with this and that, I know where I come from.

My father is 100% Nigerian, born and raised and my mother is African American. The one thing that irks me is when people disregard the fact that I actually identify with where I come from. I embrace my African roots, that’s why I am proud to say I represent Nigeria because the people there are all beautiful and I’m a true reflection of that! I’m 5′ 8 34D-26- 41, with honey caramel skin completion, freckles and natural red hair.

My bubbly personality invites you to naturally gravitate towards me. The one thing you all must know about me is my huge sense of humor, I’m goofy and love making people smile.


HipHopLEAD: Where are you from?

Kemi Shade: I’m a true California girl born and raised in Los Angeles, but the proud daughter a Nigerian born parent so my nationality is Nigerian.


HipHopLEAD: Little known about yourself that less people know.

Kemi Shade: Ive never seen snow, I dislike bananas, mayonnaise, critters and Insects, Jordan Sneakers, stinky smells and liars. I also am very adventurous, not many people know I like to be adventurous so something like skydiving, or flat water boarding is not so out the ordinary for me.


HipHopLEAD: Do you do anything else besides modeling?

Kemi Shade: Yes, I certainly do! I’m a full time college student soon to be graduate with my BA in Film and Television and minor in Pan African Studies. I also produce movies and write scripts go figure. Furthermore I act and have been featured in some short film, but my most challenging role presented itself to me in 2009 where I will be staring as a supporting actress in an upcoming film. Besides modeling and acting I dance. Dancing has always been apart of my life from cheerleading all through out junior and high school to working with the best choreographers in Hollywood right now for a music video I am in.


HipHopLEAD: What do you do for fun if not focusing on your modeling career?

Kemi Shade: Man, I love racecar-driving, idk why, but fast rides do something to me! I basically have a hunger for speed so anything fast that I can race whether it is on a go cart track or in a video game. I also love cooking! I enjoy reading, shopping, exploring new places, dancing, and acting.


HipHopLEAD: How did you get into modeling?

Kemi Shade: I just recently started doing glamour modeling, however I’ve done print work for advertisement campaigns and commercials back when I was in high school.


HipHopLEAD: What makes you different from the rest?

Kemi Shade: I truly am different in everyway. My exotic features from my red hair to every freckle on my face to my perfect smile and of course my amazing body, is enough to separate me from the rest. However, that’s not a great difference when it comes to the glamour world. Most girls I see in this industry only aspire to be video vixens, but I actually want to turn my experience into a career that is a positive representation of me that my parents can be proud of.


HipHopLEAD: What’s your focus for 2010?

Kemi Shade: So much has already started to happen for me, I’m on the cover of CREAME Magazine which hits shelves this month, and have been featured on several online sites. I also have some upcoming printed publications that I’m currently shooting for so get ready to start seeing a whole lot of me!


HipHopLEAD: What do you look for in a guy (ideal man)?

Kemi Shade: I look for the particular qualities in a guy. Honesty, maturity, genuine, God Fearing and exudes confidence (not arrogance), and must have a sense of humor. Compatibility is key! We have to have something in common because I don’t believe in the opposites attract hype! There’s one thing I can’t stand, an unmotivated man that’s going nowhere with his life. I want a man that has his stuff together and is consistently working towards practical goals in life that can reasonably be attained. He doesn’t have to have everything, but if he shows me how much he appreciates me and treats me like his queen he’s definitely the perfect man for me! In addition to that he MUST be taller than me! Come on now, I’m 5’8 so anything less that 6’0 gets no play from me!


HipHopLEAD: When and How do you consider a date “perfect”?

Kemi Shade: A perfect date is when my stomach is full, I’ve laughed all night and I was treated like a queen. I’m not that hard to impress, but I feel the first date is the most important to leave a lasting impression. I don’t like a guy that tries to hard or that’s arrogant and flashy because that s HUGE turn off for me. When I go out on dates I prefer it be somewhere I’ve never been before. I’m the type of woman that likes to expand my horizon by trying new and exciting things which is a refreshing alternative to the ordinary.


HipHopLEAD: Can you give us a “do” and a “don’t” when it comes to a guy trying to hookup with a woman?

Kemi Shade: Lol, this is kind of funny. Well I can only speak from my own experience, so here’s a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to a guy trying to hook up with me:
Don’t have stank breath!
Don’t try to hard to impress me, it’s a turn off!
I don’t like super hard core gangster dudes, so if you’re aspiring to be another 50cent then don’t bother!
Don’t think because you paid for dinner at a fancy restaurant your getting some!
Don’t think i’ll give it up just because you’re an entertainer.
Don’t even think about asking for my number if your approach is the “Ay, let me holla at you for a min” tactic.
Do be respectful and well mannered with your approach.
Do be a gentleman and carry your self appropriately.
Do dress to impress, but don’t over do it.
Do have a sense of humor.
Do smell good.


HipHopLEAD: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

 Kemi Shade: Get your copy of CREAME magazine today, which hits shelves this month! I got a smoking hot 8-page spread with me on the cover!
Stay in touch with me by visiting my facebook page and becoming a fan so you can interact with me and stay up to date with my latest appearances and brand new website! If you have a twitter follow me @MsKemiShade.
Special thank to all my supporters and Glish for featuring me on the site. |  |  |


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