Jessica Rabbit AKA Miss Rabbit – Hip Hop Model

Jessica Rabbit AKA Miss Rabbit – Hip Hop Model
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Grew up in Houston, TX, USA, was pretty typical to her environment, had a lot of friends, and got into the occasional trouble that teenagers get into.

Called Miss Rabbit because one of her favorite movies growing up was ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’, and since the sexy lead is Jessica Rabbit… the name started and stuck.

She has chosen to just shorten it to “Miss Rabbit” because of the number of people making reference to “Jessica Rabbit” with their names, so she wanted to differentiate herself.

Described by people who know her as ‘the most down to earth and cool person’. She loves to have fun, and that involves good friends, good food, basically she’s enjoying life at it’s fullest right now.

Paul Wall “Break Em Off Real Bad”


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