Jessenia Vice – New Jersey Born Hip Hop Vixen

Jessenia Vice – New Jersey Born Hip Hop Vixen
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Born in Bellville, NJ, Home resided in Newark, NJ where she lived there until she was 18.

Grew up across the street of the projects. In an area where prostitution and drug dealers surounded the apartment building she lived in.

Although the area was dangerous, her home consisted of hard working, dedicated, loving parents and two older and protective brohters.

She was a tomboy that later had an awkward phase and then branched out into the women I’ve become.

Both her parents are from Ecuador which is in South America along the Equator, hence the name.

With the support of freinds and family she started to model a year ago.

All of her work has been based through Myspace. Which allowed her to work with a group of diverse people.

Fat Joe Ft. Trey Songz – If It AIn’t About Money


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