India Blu – Tri-State Area Aspiring Hip Hop Model

India Blu – Tri-State Area Aspiring Hip Hop Model
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HipHopLEAD: India we see you making some moves out there in the Tri-State Area. Whats in store for you for the rest of 2010?

India Blu: Whats In store for India in 2010 is Acting Class, The Official India Calendar & Xclusive Magazine.

HipHopLEAD: Let the people know where you are from?

India Blu: Im Born & Raised in New Jersey! Nationaltiy wise, I am Native American & African American.

HipHopLEAD: When did you get into modeling?

I started modeling in 1997 but slowly stop pursuing my dream due a former mate that did not want me to be a model, needless to say I am not with that person anymore.

HipHopLEAD: What are your inspirations that make you continue doing what you do?

India Blu: I use to say my inspiration was my family but I have since changed that to my inspiration is ME! If you don’t first help yourself or want better for yourself nobody will want it for you. I always have been the person to want, help, encourage everybody else now ITS MY TURN, & MY TIME! Then I can help others after I fill my cup! Besides India just sitting around doing nothing & not making business moves is unheard of! I breathe Success so I am destined to Become that which is in me!

HipHopLEAD: Do you want to transition from modeling to being in a music video or film possibly?

India Blu: Music Video Appearances are nice and I welcome being in more, it’s short lived Fame but Film is a different beast, It’s one of my goals.

HipHopLEAD: How did it feel to be on the artwork for Mic Check Volume 10 (Hosted by Doitall from Lords of The Underground)?

India Blu: It is very nice. Everything is a blessing I take nothing for granted, It’s very new to me, I guess I can really answer this when people approach me & say I saw you here.

HipHopLEAD: What Hiphop artists have you been listening to lately?

India Blu: Ol’Skool Artist right now just been in the mood to go back but I still listen to all the new artist of today era.

HipHopLEAD: Would you rather see yourself playing in a clubby music video or something with more depth to it?

India Blu: Both, as long as it is a step to furthering my career in the right direction!

HipHopLEAD: Lets talk about relationships. Alot of guys would be intimidated to holla at a model like yourself. What does an aspiring young gentleman have to do to get the time of day?

India Blu: First be a gentlemen, I am a lady 24:7 & desire the Respect at all times. Be funny & Real! I respect a guy thats Real, Cool, Funny & know how to treat a female.

HipHopLEAD: Are you into more of the smooth operators or the thugs?

India Blu: Smooth Operators that have Swag!

HipHopLEAD: If you had one wish what would it be?

India Blu: One wish right now would be to have a great man by my side that is supportive & into me the same way I’m into him! Nothing beats coming home or being able to call up your significant other after a long day & they Make it Alright by just their Presence or Voice!

HipHopLEAD: Enough about that !!!! Back to the grind. Where would you like to see yourself in the next 5 years?

India Blu: In 5 years I WILL have my Enterprise up and running, India will be in several movies, commercials & magazines.

HipHopLEAD: Thanks for taking time to holla at We look forward to seeing more of you. Give us any shout outs or plugs now.

India Blu: Thanks to Tha Advocate, Rissa, Alvita, Shanta J, Wan,TPook,Eric & Meesha, Ayo, Polite, Norm, Seven, Stax & The people surrounding me that truly have the Best intentions for me! Love ya. Always Choose The Best – India


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