Brenda Lynn – Puerto Rican Hip Hop Eye Candy

Brenda Lynn – Puerto Rican Hip Hop Eye Candy
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Brenda Lynn Acevedo, model/actress from New Jersey. Parents are both from Puerto Rico, which make her a proud Bouriqua!

Even though her espanol is maso menos. Her main goal in modeling and acting is to become a household name that appeals to many audiences.

She loves traveling, learning about different cultures and experiencing new things. Has always act silly and try to make a great time out of every situation.

She’s passionate about life and enjoy living each day to the fullest.

“You would most likely see me at the mall because shopping is my hobby, stress reliever, and it’s good exercise. I will use any excuse possible to shop.(smiling:-) )” she said..

Besides that her passions are dancing, reading, and spending time with my family. She’s a simple girl, as they say, living life the way one should.”

Keri Hilson Ft. Lil Wayne – Turnin Me On
Jay-Z Ft. Pharrell – Blue Magic
Soulja Boy – Bird Walk


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