Hip Hop Lead & Killah Priest – Unsigned On The Grind Vol.1

Unsigned On The Grind Vol.1 (Hosted By Killah Priest) Back Cover
Unsigned On The Grind Vol.1
Hip Hop Lead & Killah Priest
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HipHopLead.com and Glish presents “Unsigned On The Grind Vol.1” (Hosted By Killah Priest of the Wu Tang Clan).

Mixtape features some of the best upcoming artists and producers, with an exclusive brand new track by Killah Priest, from his upcoming mixtape “I Killed The Devil Last Night“, out this July 2009.

01. Killah Priest Intro (Beat By Glish)
02. K. Sparks Ft. Pay$oz – No Competition
03. Legend – Legend Is Here
04. Diverse Elegance – Where Should I Go
05. Fev Eligante’ Feat. Fedarro – Trendsettuh
06. Killah Priest Skit (Beat By Glish)
07. Young Black Ft. Hadd & Glish – Keep It Street
08. Killah Priest Skit (Beat By Glish)
09. Killah Priest – The Long Ride (Exclusive)
10. Krystyle, Tha Advocate & Dj Franchize – Top Dawgs
11. Yaw Geez – Nine To Fivers
12. Nova The Rebel – Paper Callin
13. Raiza Biza Ft. Fedarro – One Stop Shop
14. Enticin – Spik
15. Big Mick & Iceberg Slim – Whut It Iz
16. Killah Priest Outro (Beat By Glish)
17. Julias Francis Ft. K. Sparks – Round 2 (Bonus)





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