Tha Advocate – The Breaking Point (Hosted By Big Lou, Doitall & Killah Priest)

The Breaking Point (Hosted By Big Lou, Doitall & Killah Priest)
Tha Advocate
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01. Big Lou, Doitall, Killah Priest Intro
02. Tha Advocate- The Breaking Point (Produced by Sinima Beats)
03. Tha Advocate featuring J.D. Artist- Infliction (Produced by Sinima Beats)
04. Tha Advocate featuring The Garden State Greats and Whodini- We Got Dis (NJ) (Produced by Sinima Beats)
05. Tha Advocate and Shawn Blayze- We On That
06. Tha Advocate and Mass- Pray About It (Produced By A.W!llz)
07. Killah Priest Interlude
08. Tha Advocate featuring Killah Priest, Raskass, Mr. Probz- When I Speak (Produced by Vokab)
09. Big Lou Interlude
10. Tha Advocate, Big Lou, Doitall and DJ Camilo- I Run This (Produced by Jake Fresh)
11. Doitall Interlude
12. Tha Advocate and Kid Klash- Alone In The Dark (Produced by Johnny Juliano)
13. Hate Money Radio Interlude
14. Tha Advocate- Changing Of The Guard (Substance 3) (Produced by Sinima Beats)
15. Tha Advocate featuring Mass- Brooklyn Cypher (Produced by Glish)
16. Black and White Taxi Skit
17. Tha Advocate f Phenom Cartel, Mass, Shawn Blayze, Whodini- I Run This Remix (Produced by Jake Fresh
18. Tha Advocate- DJ Booth Freestyle
19. Doitall Interlude 2
20. Tha Advocate featuring The Phenom Cartel- Glow (Produced by Sinima Beats)
21. Papa Johns Skit
22. Tha Advocate featuring Shawn Blayze- Bring It On (Produced by Sinima Beats)
23. Sometimes Interlude
24. Tha Advocate- Sometimes (Produced by Sinima Beats)
25. Tha Advocate featuring CoDizzel, Doitall, Whodini and J.D. Artist- So Beautiful (Produced by Tha Ad
26. Tha Advocate featuring J.D. Artist- So Drained (Produced by Heavyweight Beats)
27. Star (of the Star and Bucwild Show) speaks on Tha Advocate in HipHop Org Interview
28. Tha Advocate featuring Shawn Blayze- Makings Of A Man (Produced by Sinima Beats)
29. Killah Priest, Doitall and Big Lou Outro

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